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2. IT M&A

CIDEK has expertise in IT/Tech/Software Due Diligence, IT PMI and IT Separation

2. IT M&A 


  • IT/Tech Due Diligence (ITDD)
  • IT Integration
  • IT Carve-out

IT/Tech/Software Due Diligence


IT Health Check Assessment Components

  • A typical IT/Tech/Software DD & Health Check assessment will have scope as shown in the adjoining figure. We tailor the scope in agreement with the client to add/update the scope as needed. While the key areas of assessment remain the same, the tone of the report and the Risk Assessment differs based on whether the ITDD/IT Health Check Assessment is Buy Side or Sell Side 

  • Typical Investment IT/Tech/Software DD process involves

    • Sharing of Information Management and other Investment documents from Investor providing details of Target company Access to Data Room. Introduction to Target Management and wider cross-functional DD team (where cross-functional inputs are needed)

    • Sharing IT DD Information Checklist with the Target Management through Advisors. Receiving completed ITDD Checklist and multiple interviews with the Target Management cross verifying documents provided, towards identifying potential Risks, Issues and associated Costs as per the Investment Thesis provided

    • Providing Draft Report to PE Investors and explaining them key Issues/Risks/Costs and Post-Investment 100 day/1 Year Plan to improve IT maturity across the business. Where needed, getting feedback from Target Management to validate the findings

    • Producing Final Report

IT Due Diligence

IT Separation Management Key Timelines, Activities & Workstreams

  • IT Separation Management supports the seller to execute IT divestiture across IT domains.

  • We align with Separation Management Office (SMO) to complete IT separation within compressed timeframes & with limited resources

  • Typical IT Separation process involves

    • Carve-out IT due diligence, building Carve-out IT blueprint, setting up and managing IT TSAs, Identifying one off separation and running cost for the NewCo, setting up IT Op Model

    • Selection of various vendors supporting IT Separation of Applications, Infrastructure, Network & IT Service Management

    • Migration of various IT Apps, Infrastructure & Data as part of IT Separation

IT Separation

IT Integration Management Key Timelines, Activities & Milestones

  • Traversing through technology related challenges in a post merger integration may be challenging. 
  • IT integration activities need to be initiated soon as part of Integration Management Office (IMO) along with other key work streams
  • Typical IT Integration process involves

    • IT due diligence of the acquired entity, building  IT Integration blueprint keeping IT ecosystem of the acquiring entity in consideration, building up IT Projects with understanding of the dependencies across IT sub-functions and cross-functional workstreams, , Identifying one off integration and running cost for the NewCo

    • Selection of various vendors supporting IT Integration of Applications, Infrastructure, Network & IT Service Management

    • Migration of Various IT Apps, Infrastructure & Data as part of IT Integration

IT Integration