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Selective Credentials

Some selective client programs previous completed by CIDEK in areas of PMI, Separation, IT M&A and Transformation are listed below



  • Post-Merger-Integration (PMI)
  • Carve-out/Separation

2. IT M&A 


  • IT/Tech Due Diligence (ITDD)
  • IT PMI 
  • IT Carve-Out



  • Transformation PMO
  • Digital Transformation
  • Confidential Vendor Selection 

Selective Carve-Out/Separation Programs

  • Role: Separation Program Director/Manager PMO across functions; IT Workstream Lead

  • Duration: 6-12 months typical duration

  • LRQA (Goldman Sachs Assurance Business Portfolio company) separation from Lloyds Register

  • Thesis (Advent PE Ed-Tech Portfolio company) separation from Unit4 (TA Associates PE ERP Portfolio Company)

  • Uber Boat separation from AEG

  • Bock (Nord-Holding PE Compressor Portfolio company) separation from GEA (German Refrigeration Company)

Selective Post-Merger-Integration (PMI) Programs

  • Role: PMI Program Director/Manager PMO across functions; IT Workstream Lead

  • Duration: 6-12 months typical duration

  • Unit4 (TA Associates PE ERP Portfolio company) acquisition of Scanmarket (Verdane PE Portfolio Company)

  • Infogain (ChrysCapital/APAX Partners PE IT Services Portfolio) acquisition of Silicus  (US Tech firm)

  • Infogain (ChrysCapital/APAX Partners PE IT Services Portfolio) acquisition of Revel (US Tech firm)
  • Unifeeder (Danish Shipping Group) acquisition of Feedertech across Middle East, Singapore & India

IT/Tech/Software Due Diligence & IT Health Check Assessments

  • 50+ ITDD:  for leading UK, Europe, US & India PE clients 

  • Role: IT/Tech/Software Due Diligence Lead 

  • Duration: 3-4 weeks typical duration

  • ITDD Type: Buy Side, Sell Side, PE Exits, PMI & Carve-Out

  • Sectors:  Tech, Logistics, Travel, Hospitality, Transport, Legal, IT & Cyber Services, Arts, D&I, Wealth, Marine

  • Have set up IT M&A and IT Due Diligence practises for Deloitte in India, and other Big4s in Nordics
  • Delivered multiple ITDDs as Associate Partner for a UK Consulting firm

Transformation Programs

  • Role: Transformation Program Director leading cross-functional teams

  • Duration: 6-12 months typical duration

  • Launch of Unit4's Product & Partner Alliance Product Marketplace

  • Digital Transformation for a PE backed Contract Catering Company to around 500 Primary, Secondary & Independent Schools in the UK

  • Lloyds of London Target Operating Model Transformation Project
  • Deutsche Bank GDPR Transformation Program
  • Multiple Core-Banking Transformation Programs across Europe, LATAM, South-East Asia & India

Confidential Vendor Selection Programs

  • Role: Program Director/Manager leading Confidential Vendor Selection Process
  • Duration: 1-6 months typical duration depending upon client processes and Procurement lifecycle
  • Ran multiple Vendor Selection Process for Thesis separation out of Unit4 including for 3 year IT/Cloud Managed Services and Cloud Infrastructure Migration;  System implementation including Finance, CRM, HR, Project Management and Shared Services 
  • Typically, all PMI and Separation projects have requirements of various kinds of Vendor Selection and is run as several small projects/programs
  • Was part of Big4 Procurement/Sourcing Teams and have learnt the ropes of running confidential Vendor Selection Process from there

Digital Transformation /System Implementation Projects

  • Role: Program Director/Manager leading System Implementation Programs
  • Duration: 6-12 months typical duration 
  • Typically. all PMI and Separation programs have multiple System Implementation projects required running simultaneously for the NewCo
  • Several PE backed Portfolio companies have Digital Transformation Projects and System Implementation Projects running
  • Selective Digital Transformation and System Implementation Projects include Contract Catering ERP, Primary School Online Ordering, Hospitality, Health & Safety, ERP, Finance, Sales/Marketing (CRM Systems), Project Management Systems including others 
  • Example Program: For the PE backed UK Contract Catering company, ran the full process from Discovery, Vendor Selection to implementation of the Systems as part of complete Digital Transformation including building System Architecture providing Solution Architect expertise